5 Unconventional and innovative buildings

It’s fair to say that the UK isn’t necessarily well known for its architectural innovations, however we wanted to list some of our favourite quirky buildings to remind you the UK really can come out of its shell.

Bullring - Selfridges

We have mentioned it in some of our other blogs, sure. But we couldn’t start this blog without mentioning Liverpool’s  very own Bullring building, specifically Selfridges. As soon as tourists arrive to our great city, this bizarre building pretty much greets you instantly with open arms. Something about the buildings unique and sizeable presence really gives you a taste of Liverpool’s diversity.

The Gherkin

No quirky building list will be complete without including The Gherkin. One of London’s most famous contemporary buildings which can be spotted from miles away, The Gherkin really put a modern spin to London’s business community. The building itself doesn’t serve any unconventional purposes, but it is one of the city’s most widely recognised contemporary buildings.

The Thin House

No, there isn’t an issue with the picture, the building really does look like a giant advent calendar! It wouldn’t surprise you to hear that this is the thinnest housing  building in the UK, and with it being based in London it’s pretty pricey too! There are no clear reasons to the quirky nature of this building, though it has made a fantastic tourist attraction.

House In The Clouds

Once a water tower, this building now serves as a holiday home for those looking for a more adventurous weekend away. Located in Suffolk, the buildings height gives an amazing view of the surrounding areas, not to mention the fact the surrounding trees really does give the illusion of a floating house.

Salisbury Cathedral

How could we write this list without including at least one Cathedral? The UK has several phenomenal cathedrals well worth a visit, however from an architectural standpoint Salisbury Cathedral is an astonishing sight. With it’s church spire standing at a whopping 404 feet, it’s the tallest in the UK. It also has one of the oldest working clocks in the world! The building simply looks like it has been taken straight out of a fantasy movie, and it’s interior matches this aesthetic.

This list only really scratches the surface of the interesting architectural structures we have in the UK, but we hope it will give you something to look out for on your travels, and somewhere to think about visiting!

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