What is it about modern architecture?


Modern architecture provides something for everybody, even if an individual prefers traditional architecture.

The foundations of modern architecture are clean and simple, following the ideal that form will follow function thus why many modern architects express themselves through simplicity, clean structural elements, clear views and dropping any design specs that aren’t necessary.

Most designs will integrate elements of glass, steel and wood so to show off the industrial structural materials.

What defines modern architecture?

Both terms modern and contemporary have been confused in the design world. The fact is, contemporary design isn’t like modern, although it also can be. In literal terms, contemporary means now, while modern relates to technological and engineering developments dating back to the turn of the twentieth century.

Sticking with simplicity, modern architecture turns its attention to industrial materials including concrete, glass, and steel. Contemporary design, however, does use the same elements although the designs would be considered as new, re-though, or forward-thinking.

Modern designs allow the structure to speak for itself through minimalistic interiors and cleans lines.


Common misconceptions are often presented about modern architecture that it is too cold or cool. Although, this does not have to be true. A growing number of elements into modern designs are not seeing features of wood and stone, in neutral colours - both of which are warm and inviting materials.

Other elements that have been integrated into the design have been floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces, large windows that allow natural light to flood into a room along with vaulted post and beam ceilings.

Alternatively, playing it safe by using warm colours like browns and beiges, wood and stone etc.


It is possible for both tradition and modern styles to work together, they knit together quite well.

The design can prove to be quite and interesting one that creatures a one-of-a-kind home for an individual to live in.

Modern architecture has proven to be unique, warm, open and inviting and more with; it has also proven that it can be combined with traditional architecture to get the best of both world.

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