Historical Locations

Liverpool has many historical locations and landmarks, from the world famous Pierhead, to the more obscure Robin Hood Stone, and in the build up to the city’s 800th anniversary we aim to provide a record of these, while also providing a link to existing sites.

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We provide a gateway to Liverpool's historic past plus an insight into the forces that are shaping modern Liverpool. Over the course of the next few years it is intended to develop our links with electronic communities locally, nationally and internationally to enable you to easily find out information about Liverpool's 800 year history, its social and cultural diversity and how the city celebrated its anniversary in 2007.

Our living histories feature provides the opportunity for communities, schools and individuals to tell their stories about Liverpool life. Have you got a story to tell?

International Liverpool

Liverpool is a city of migration and movement. The modern history of Liverpool begins with the building of the first dock in 1715. From this time onwards Liverpool's involvement with slave trade grew dramatically; from 1760 onwards Liverpool became the dominant slave trade port. Thus from its early development Liverpool was based on trade that brought multifarious influences from different cultures which in turn has shaped the outlook of the city.

There are also numerous articles linked to key milestones that have shaped the city's history. The aim is to build up to 30,000, offering people locally, nationally and around the world an extensive historical resource. You can contribute to this history by  emailing us with you own photograph/article.

Liverpool's Industries

Over the course of 800 years Liverpool has changed from being a small fishing village to a city with international trading links. During this time many of its industries have come and gone. We provide links to sites that explore the diverse nature of Liverpool's industrial heritage.

Social and Political

From the sailors that bombarded the Town Hall in 1775 to the 47 Councillors that took on the Thatcher Government in the 1980s Liverpool has had a rich social and political history.

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From Kitty Wilkinson to Doctor Duncan Liverpool has had its fair share of social pioneers that played a key role in changing the fabric of the city. Do you know of an individual that played an important part in shaping modern day Liverpool?